What if eosDAC are no longer in the top 21


eosDAC is a highly respected block producer known as having one of the most technically competant teams on the chain; our self-organisation as a DAC and DAC enabler are also appreciated by the broader EOS community. We are proud to have been a block producer virtually continuously since launch and stand ready to continue to fulfill this vital function as long as we are entrusted with it.

Should the community ever choose to replace us as one of the top 21 producers, we would continue to earn approximately 25%-35% of our current active block producing revenue (depending somewhat on vote %).

eosDAC has fiat cash balances adequate to fund operations for many months.

Additionally, there are multiple revenue streams available to the DAC and its members, such as block producing for independent chains, airdrops on eosDAC, and other ecosystem projects seeking investment or advice. The team is actively pursuing all of these and we welcome you to get involved.

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